About Grant Zozulinsky, Master Beef Maker

Grant Zozulinsky is a world-renowned Master Beef Maker, and has dedicated the last half of his life to the study and mastery of the art of artisan dry-aging beef. He spent several years in the United States, absorbing the basics of butchery and beef making, painstakingly dedicating himself to the fundamentals of what makes the best beef, learning on the best farms. Once Grant began mastering his craft, he further traveled to France for several years, learning from the finest artisan butchers and beef makers, like rockstar Parisian beef maker Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec.

Now, Grant is back to provide you with the most delicious meat Russia has ever experienced. Whether you long for the mellow taste of 30-day, dry-aged porterhouse, or the savory, buttery, nutty flavors of a 90-day aged Ribeye, or one of Grant’s incredibly limited signature steaks, you are  sure to be in for an unforgettable steak memory that your taste buds will beg you for time and time again.

His signature meats are select cuts he chooses to do wonderful things. These cuts are one of a kind, and will be reserved by his customers long before they mature. Many people have experienced dry-aged beef, but have you ever had a whiskey-aged Tomahawk? Now you can. Join Grant’s newsletter to get information on special signature meats he will prepare, so you can reserve your own.