When you bite into a Beef Maker steak by renown butcher Grant Zozulinsky, you’re tasting his commitment to tradition in every steak he serves, sourced from USDA-quality Simmental-raised cattle. This selective sourcing gives his steaks the prized tenderness, marbling, and flavor that can only come from superior growing conditions and bloodlines.

Grant offers wet-aged and dry-aged steaks – according to your tastes – using aging techniques that have been refined by the finest beefmasters for many generations.

Grant’s dry-aged steaks are aged from two to eight weeks to develop the desired complexity of flavor demanded by the highest-quality Russian restaurants, steakhouses, and discerning steak lovers. With the largest dry-aging facility in the Russia, Grant has created a unique flavor profile that is second to none; the leader in Dry Aged Beef throughout Russia.

His steaks are trimmed the old-fashioned way, hand-carved with expert precision to remove extra tissue and fat. The result is an exceptionally tender and flavorful steak, bite after beefy bite. For a more traditional flavor, he also offers wet-aged steaks are aged between three to four weeks.

Grant Zozulinsky, “Beef Maker,” is dedicated to bringing you the very best in beef. With his state of the art Dry-Aging room located in Solichnagorsk (40km north of Moscow), he artisan-ages each steak up to eight weeks for a robust, nutty, flavor profile. Grant uses steaks of the highest grade, accounting for only the top 2% of all beef raised by ranchers.

Grant uses Simmental cattle that meets the American USDA “Prime” and “Choice” standards, the highest grades awarded by the USDA to beef. the “Prime” standard accounts for only the top 2% of all beef raised by American ranchers, while the “Choice” standard are steaks that have just missed the cut-off point for USDA Prime, and deliver comparable quality for a lower price. Nothing, however, quite matches the tenderness and flavor of USDA Prime beef.

USDA Prime gives superior marbling, tenderness, and flavor. Abundant marbling is the trademark of a USDA Prime steak. Marbling – the thin white streaks of fat that “marble” a great piece of beef – is considered the greatest sign of a quality steak. As a well-marbled steak cooks, its fat melts, coating your steak in buttery, beefy flavor. This is why 5-star restaurants and resorts go to such great lengths to exclusively serve USDA Prime steaks.

The Ultimate Steak Experience

With his dedication to exceptional steak, Grant Zozulinsky, the “Beef Maker,” promises The Ultimate Steak Experience. His steaks are great for any occasion; They grace the tables of award-winning restaurants, make exceptional gifts for family, friends, and colleagues, and make a delicious centerpiece to any backyard cookout.

Grant is also dedicated to educating people about what makes a great steak. At his Steak University master class, in partnership with PrimeBeef, he gives lessons on cooking techniques, share steakhouse-style recipes, and profiles the very best steakhouses in Russia. In short, Grant’s commitment to tradition and the world’s finest beef makes indulging in The Ultimate Steak Experience easier than ever.